How to use SSL for IMAP/POP Emails

 May 22, 2017     0 Comments

By default, when you send or receive emails, the messages are not encrypted.  This means that if the email was intercepted by a hacker, then they would have easy access to the contents of the email as it is not encrypted.  Most of the time this is not an issue, but if you are emailing personal or private information, it's a good idea to encrypt your email by connecting to our servers over an SSL encrypted connection.

SSL Settings

To use email over SSL, you'll need to update the settings below:

Incoming and Outgoing Servers

  • Most people are using as their incoming and outgoing server names. You will need to change these both to the server name. To find your server name, reference your hosting account email, or contact support team if you do not have it. you would change both your incoming and outgoing servers to your server name.

Port Numbers

  • When using SSL, ensure your email client has port 25 configured as the SMTP port. For your incoming email, set your POP port to 9110. If you are using IMAP instead of POP, use port 143 instead.

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