Affordable Dedicated Servers

The truth is dedicated server hosting doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, at Cochin Web Host, we take great pride in offering powerful dedicated web hosting services at affordable price. Choose from our full range of dedicated servers backed up by triple redundant utility power, UPS and Generator backup systems, N+1 cooling, and fully redundant networks. Dedicated servers provide a secure hosting environment if you are storing sensitive data or if you are handling a huge amount of website traffic. we offer fast and affordable USA dedicated servers in india that are ready in less than 24 hours.

More Plans & Comparison

Plan A B C D
Storage 2x500GB 2 TB 4 TB 120GB+3TB
RAM 16GB 32GB 32GB 72GB
Processor 2x2.6Ghz 2x2Ghz 2x2.13Ghz 2x2.66Ghz
Bandwidth 25 TB 25 TB 25 TB 25 TB
IPv4 Address 5 5 5 5
IPv6 Address /64 /64 /64td> /64
OS Linux/Windows* Linux/Windows* Linux/Windows* Linux/Windows*
Management NA NA Basic Basic
Free Control Panel Available Available Available Available
Monthly Price ₹5900 ₹6900 ₹7900 ₹9900

Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Features

Is your business or organisation in need of a more powerful solution for it's dedicated server hosting needs? Choose from a variety of Dedicated Servers from Cochin Web Host. Each dedicated server is backed by triple redundant utility power, UPS and Generator backup systems, N+1 cooling, and a fully redundant network.

A dedicated server is a physical machine fully allocated to you. Built on premium hardware and featuring the latest server technologies.Perfect for high traffic websites that require large amounts of web space & data transfer. You will have full Administrative Rights with dedicated server hosting India.You can install any third party softwares on dedicated servers.All our servers hosting have high speed Gbps Lan connection and Multiple Network backbone with 20Tbps connectivity.

When do you need a dedicated server?

Shared web hosting can be the real punch. The reason behind this is that they are one of the least expensive servers hosting methods and can store large chunks of data for many servers which are satisfactory for the average website. It is a great deal for an armature or new websites. However, as the traffic for your website increases, you need to ponder on the idea of a dedicated host. Sharing resources with other websites is not going to cut it for you. Shared web hosting is slow, vulnerable to threats and gives you less control over your website. A dedicated hosting server will make your site faster, reliable and your users will experience fewer performance issues.

Choice of Operating Systems

Any Free Linux operating systems can be installed. Windows Server licenses are available at extra cost.

Premium Server Support & Management

Receive up to 2 hours of full management for your service per month as optional.Our skilled staff will assist you with setup, updates, troubleshooting.

Full Root Access

VPS Servers offer full root access (Linux) or administrator access (Windows). You can install any programs or services.

Solid State Drives

Fast SSD drives are available with selected plans.

Full Control

You can install any software / Applications which are freely available or licensed owned by you. Optional managed server support is available.


These servers are better than cloud servers and you can even build server cloud using our servers and start providing cloud hosting services to your clients.


Optional SSL Certificates are available at extra cost.Now You can secure your website at low cost.


Optional backups storage is available at extra charges.


You can upgrade the resources at any time by paying the upgrade charges.

Not Satisfied with the server Plans?

There are more best dedicated servers india plans available for you and you can also request a custom quote for your specific hardware requirements or servers managed by us. please contact us for a free quote.

Custom Hardware

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