What is Reseller Hosting?

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Reseller Hosting in India is provided by web hosting firms. An owner who wishes to act as a web hosting company resells hosting to other users. In reseller hosting, the hosting service rents out a portion of its hard drive space and bandwidth from other end users. This makes the account holder provide hosting services to those end users. In this type of hosting the reseller’s purchases hosting services and sells it to other users for a profit. The reseller might rent a dedicated server hosting service or sell shared hosting services for profits.

Most packages for reseller hosting in India offer individual control panels to its end users. In order to be an account owner of reselling hosting services, one does not need extensive knowledge about the technical aspects of web hosting. Most of them are entrepreneurs who are web hosts just starting their business and not professional webmasters. The typical hosting resellers are usually web designing, the web developing or system integrating firms who are providing web hosting services along with add-on services. Basically, it is the relationship between the web hosting company and the retailers. The web hosting companies or the wholesalers provide their services to the resellers and they rent their hard disk spaces and services to a large number of customers. Customer accounts are managed by a web interface, which is usually a point-and-click control panel. Commonly sold with reseller hosting are free-end-user-support, WHMCS, SSL reseller account, domain reseller account and SSL for hosting domain.

Web hosting in India is the number one online businesses. Web hosting services are required by every website. Reseller Hosting is a low yielding business and the host earns only a few thousand rupees and needs to spend a large amount of money on advertisement to deal with competitors.


One of the biggest pros of reseller hosting is that reseller hosting plans are relatively cheap. It cost a fraction of dedicated server hosting plans. You can have 10 to 250 cPanel accounts depending on your reseller plans. On your reseller account, you can set up each domain name so that they have individual cPanel. Having a resellers account has many advantages. It helps the reseller account have multiple IP addresses or SSL certificates. It can provide the ability to control DNS zones, use Private Name Servers, Anonymous Name Servers, and provide free eNom Domain Account, site builders for the users and a brandable control panel.


Reliable technical and web support cannot be provided to the users which are provided by web hosting firms.

Reseller hosting can be great for you if you are an experienced webmaster. However, if you are new to web hosting it is not advisable. There is no tech support or customer service available to attend to your needs for administration.

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