How to sell your products online?

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There are lot many ways to make money online. And, in this world getting rapidly dominated by the web, one amongst them is selling your product online. If you are an artistic person and want to sell the products at your comfort zone, there cannot be anything better than the online platform. Today, the buyers have changed their way of purchasing. They are more into online shopping rather than retail shopping. People hate traffic to physical shops, long queues awaiting them and sarcastic or indifferent attitude of salespeople. Here are few ways to help you sell your products online without having to encounter the aforesaid sufferings.

Selling on eBay:

This platform is more popular for selling electronics, accessories, and clothing. You can either sell the new products or the used ones. All you need to do is to create a seller account. Give an authentic username and password along with your credit card details. A certain percentage of the amount has to be paid for the total sale occurred. You can click the images of the product and upload it on the site along with the description. You can also promote the products on the social media platforms.

Selling on Etsy:

If you are into handmade products, you will definitely need a popular market to sell them. Etsy provides a perfect market to sell the handmade products, vintage items and tools, and materials for craft supplies. It prevents the sale of used products. Create an account with a unique username. Add the image of the product along with the description. Mention the price and the shipping charges.  You will have to pay the listing price as well as the transaction fees. The listing will be active for 4 months or till the item sells, whichever is earlier.


Create a website:

If your product has already created a market, it is better to start your own website. There are many e-commerce websites these days that sells exclusive products. You can have several categories of your products. You can upload the image of your product and can write a brief description about it. Add shopping cart option and the payment gateway to your website. Whenever a visitor makes a purchase the payment can be directly made. You can hire a professional web developer to create and design a website for your brand.


Make sure that entire process starting from signing up for an eCommerce hosting service, data entry and upload to order processing and delivery is properly channelized. Embracing techniques like cross-selling, upselling and SEO always helps.


Social media:


Once you have decided your platform for online sales, you can then promote your products over several platforms. Nearly 90% of users have a social media account. Say, if you have a Facebook account, you can create a Facebook page wherein you can post the images of your products, mention the price, the shipping charges, the delivery time and other such vital information. The Facebook page can be created free of cost and you can earn without spending much. There are other online promotional platforms as well. You can try them out and get benefitted.


If you are creative enough, make your post go viral by innovative thoughts. Social media is the hub from which you get a lot of word of mouth favors. People speak about things in Social Media; your product may be endorsed or defamed. So, be cautious while using it.