Importance of using Web Analytics

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Web analytics is the process of analysing, collecting and measuring the activities of users on a website. Web Analysis is important to know the amount of time a user views or stays on the site.

Every website has an analysis programme installed in it. If it does not have one, there is no point in having a website.  Web analytics is important for the success of online businesses. Social media marketing, blogging and the use of keywords can be made effective by using web analytics. Without web analysis, no business would have any idea whether it is working or not.

Web analysis can help you in planning marketing strategies, campaigns and search engine optimism. It helps you to determine if you are hitting your objective.  It helps you understand how many users view your site and for how long. What time of the day or week the website experiences the highest amount of traffic or what keywords they type to reach your website. The date obtained from web analysis is valuable and can be used in the future for planning effective strategies for the growth of the website. It can help provides a much greater understanding of the users on the website. This can be useful in optimising your future strategies

Without a web analysis tool, there does no way to know whether you are moving towards your goal or away from it. Standard statistics software can help you understand exactly where visitors to your website are coming from. Analytics can help you study each individual source of traffic to see how well it is converting. This can help you understand and identify the type of search phrase or link that sends the most valuable customers to your site. This helps you to plan your SEO efforts to get more valuable traffic. By studying how long a user stays on a page you can get an idea on how effective the marketing strategies are. It gives you a rough idea on how effective individual sales pages are and helps you convert your marketing strategies.

Analytics help you to look into other forms of online marketing to assess their effectiveness. The best thing about online marketing is that everything is traceable. You can track down the number of users who visit certain advertisement and then go on to make certain purchases. This information tells you whether a certain advertisement is worth the price. You can use this data to estimate accurately how much budget should be dedicated to advertisement increase your profit levels.  It helps you determine what kind of content is needed for your website or what types of whitepapers and eBooks that needs to be created. Email campaigns and pay-per-click advertising can also be tracked by analytics and improved to make it more profitable.

Using a proper Analysis website can help you find out what works for you but also what does not work for you.  It can help you identify what you are doing wrong. This can save you a lot of time and money. You might find out how a certain keyword or phrase is performing in increasing the overall traffic. This can help you make improvements. If you are currently using an SEO firm or looking for one make sure that they employ web analytics if they do not then look elsewhere because if you are not using web analytics you are missing out on numerous different ways of improving the conversion rate of your website.

Importance of web analytics