Few Ways to make money from your website/blog

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There are several means to make money by leveraging the potential of web and one among them is through blogging. This is a proven and popular method that anyone can easily do. It’s a fact that you cannot instantly mint money but you are sure to generate a huge amount of income once you have an abundance of visitors frequenting on a regular basis.

Getting more people to your website or blog is something you should master. One of the most operative methods that can assure you of amazing results is SEO. Social Media Marketing too is effective to a great extent.

Now, here are few ways by which you can convert these visits into revenue.

CPC or CPM ads:

If you have a huge traffic on your blog, one of the ways to earn money is by placing an advertisement on your site. Here are 2 types of advertisement options that can be chosen to place on your site:


It stands for click per cost. It is also popularly known as pay per click. The banner ads are usually placed in the sidebar or amidst the content. Whenever a reader clicks on the advertisement, you will be paid for it. Higher the number of clicks, higher is the pay.

CPM ads:

It is usually 1000 per impressions. A fixed amount is paid for a certain amount of clicks. It is better to go with Google Adsense. You do not have to be in direct contact with the brand. You can just place the banner on your website and Google will pay you based on the number of clicks. However, there are certain factors that are taken into consideration for the Adsense to be approved. You can also try other programs if your Adsense isn’t approved. You can check Infolinks, Chitika, Media.net and so on.

Selling private ads:

If your blog works really well and gets flooded with visits, you do not have to hunt for advertisers. The advertisers will directly contact you to place their ads on your blog and you will be paid for it. There are no middlemen involved here, hence you do not have to pay any commission to any third party. The other advantage is that you can set your own terms and rates. This is perhaps one of the most lucrative ways.

Wondering how to sell the private ads? You can sell it in the form of links, buttons or banners. You can also write a review about the advertiser’s product and charge the advertiser for it. This is known as sponsored posts. You can add them in your podcasts, web-series and so on.

Affiliate links:

You can use affiliate marketing to make money. Whenever there is a sale made, you will be paid by the company. A unique link will be allocated to track the affiliate code. You can place this link on your blog directly in the form of banner and in-between the content. When a user clicks the link, you will be paid a certain percentage of commission.

Amazon affiliate program is highly popular and you can opt for it.

Thus, there are several ways to make money online. And there cannot be anything better than blogging, especially if writing is your passion. Do try the above-mentioned tips and to maximize your income through online platforms, expert advice may also be helpful.

Let us know your experience and do share other ways to earn via blogging if you know. It would really be appreciated.