Dedicated Servers Explained

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When do you need a dedicated server?

Shared web hosting can be the real punch. The reason behind this is that they are one of the least expensive methods and can store large chunks of data for many servers which are satisfactory for the average website. It is a great deal for an armature or new websites. However, as the traffic for your website increases, you need to ponder on the idea of a dedicated server. Sharing resources with other websites is not going to cut it for you. Shared web hosting is slow, vulnerable to threats and gives you less control over your website. A dedicated hosting server will make your site faster, reliable and your users will experience fewer performance issues.

What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated server functions like an in- house server but is managed and operated by a back-end service provider. This type of server may be used for host applications and services, backup services and data storage. A dedicated server is a server with resources for a specific user. The best way to use all the resources that are available is to use a dedicated server. Some shared web hosting services have usage limits. A dedicated server hosting is one of the best ways to improve the performance of your website. It helps provide advanced features which cannot be provided by a shared web hosting server. A dedicated server hosting can give you more control over your hosting environment and flexibility.

Dedicated server hosting provides security to its users. Your site may be less vulnerable to hacking and unknown threats as you won’t share your server with other unknown sites. It can provide a safe, stable and speedy hosting environment. The hosting environment can be customized according to your wishes. You do not have to worry about other sites slowing down your site’s load times. As you won’t be split among multiple clients there are lesser chances that your site may be put down due to critical issues.

Dedicated server hosting plans are available in all sizes. Some dedicated server hosting in India can run up to thousands of rupees. However, it can help your site to grow tremendously. A dedicated server hosting plan gives you more control than a shared plan. The host may provide you with many functions such as management, operation or full users’ configuration. The more function the hosts perform for you the more they charge. But, this could be a great way to manage your website unless you are really exhilarated about server administration.

When to switch to dedicated hosting?

As the number of users for your website increases and you get increasing complaints regarding slow server response times, degraded performance and inability to access your site it is time for the switch. A dedicated server hosting can help you manage any capacity problems you might experience due to your continuous growth. Dedicated hosting server can be the best option if you need multiple advanced functions for your website. It will help you to access the server at the root levels and add many security layers according to your users’ demands. The website would be better managed and well rounded. The hosts would take care of updates, provide support on scripts and a 24/7 available tech team would be available to take queries and provide support.