How to Choose A Great Domain Name for Your Business or Blog

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When you step forward your journey as a blogger, you come across various ups and downs in your career. At once, you may feel like it’s not working! Or maybe the other time you give up on quitting and take it to another level. Whatever happens either you reach excel or give up on trying, one thing remains constant- your domain name.

Domain name is one major thing that can never be changed. It represents your Brand, and which is only chosen for once!

It solely represents what your Brand is about, giving a hint to the audience. Hence it is extremely important to make use of best possible domain name for your business/blog.


Choosing a generic name like Google that doesn’t specify anything about your intentions, and may contain anything is called as a Generic domain name. You may use such domain names if you wish to write on multiple areas and topics.

Keyword domain names point out the job done in it by its name such as, it clearly depicts that it is a blog and others would never check out this website!

If you are looking forward to building an actual Brand, then Brandable domain name is highly recommended.


With your domain name there lies your backlinks, popularity, traffic and all that you have gained so far. Changing it without getting hurt is difficult to say! This leads us again to the point of choosing a right name for your site.

Getting tangled in between a wrong domain name which is difficult to remember or more prone to errors should be avoided.

Make .com your first preference!

Some things never lose its value. Even after the emergence of a number of Brands .com has tended to always raise high with its value.

Most of the people just remember the Brand names and just put .com after that because nobody seems to remember the extensions. Hence, always try to catch a domain name with .com extension.


Whenever you chose a domain name, make sure to take a phone test. It is the most basic and general requirement for your domain name. If it doesn’t pass the phone test, you must think before adopting that domain name twice!

If one can type a domain name instantly over the phone without the need to spell it even once, it has passed the test. Its main objective is to go for a name that is friendly with the audience.

You may have a great domain name now, referring all the points mentioned above. Happy Domain Registration!

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