Delight your customers with the best User Interface design

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Website design has evolved a long way from the good old days of the early 1990’s when Html websites ruled the roost and internet speeds were so slow that even a one MB file took an entire night to upload. Now with 4G Wireless broadband being unleashed in all developing and developed countries, the laws and techniques of web design will change.

And so will the laws of attracting customers on to your website. Instead of the previous formula,: “build it and they will come” has now changed to: “if the customer doesn’t come to you, you go to the customer” which is quite evident in the remarketing concepts used by e-commerce companies wherein they drop in a cookie on the computer of every visitor and whichever website they open, the ad of the eCommerce company will always appear. These are obtrusive, irritating marketing tactics that reduce your brand equity amongst customer and make you appear as a hapless marketer.

 Importance of User interface

User Interface design has a godfather role to play in ensuring the success of a website and this entails understanding the psychology of users who are either coming in as random visitors through word-of-mouth marketing or as serious users with a purchase intent coming from search engines or from any social bookmarking site like Digg, Reddit, etc. Wherever they are coming from, ensure that the balance of color and design in all four quadrants of your web page is equal and that users get to see a fresh, neat and clean webpage from where they can transact easily and find all the information they want quite easily.

Simplify UX

By simplifying the user experience or UX, you have to do a lot of introspection on your website and try to figure out which features are superfluous and which are not. The lesser the features on the website, the faster it will load and reduce the worldwide wait factor thereby delighting the users and reducing the possibility of customers going to a competitor website as most buyers are short of time and do not have time to waste in waiting for a page to load and simply click the next search result and making you lose your customers to competition.

 Go laughing all the way to the bank

If you are able to get all these elements, right then you can surely convert all your visitors into customers and your banner ad campaign will be successful leading to high conversions from visitors to customers and that will result in your website’s popularity soaring sky-high in your industry domain. People will love your products and services and recommend them to others and that’s the best way to grow by converting your customers into brand ambassadors. There cannot be a more effective way to gain mileage, word of mouth publicity and top of the mind recall.

Follow these tips if you are looking to win in the marketplace and exchange your views on web design services being offered in the market.

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