What’s Wrong With My Blog? -Question Of All Failing Bloggers

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At First, when we start, BLOGGING seems very easy. After all, everybody has tons of childhood stories and a variety of life experiences to share which let one start a blog.

Moreover, it seems extremely simple! Visit it occasionally, make some posts along with some snapped pictures and here you go. Start making a living with it!

Months later when you actually get to realize that you haven’t made a single penny, the thought of failure strikes you hard and you start to either panic or start believing that other bloggers have some special thing that you don’t. At the end, you usually quit.

Then where does the problem lies? You’re being a new blogger or that ‘special something’ that other knows but you don’t, Let’s figure it out!

Lesson 1:

The special something is nothing but HARD-WORK. Yes, you heard it right! All the serious bloggers really worked hard to achieve what they have.

Therefore Consistency and new Content is a key to blogging.

Keep Noting!

Lesson 2:

Pick up the Right Niche. Narrowing the right audience for your blog is extremely important. The high idea that you are going to write about helps you to decide your audience. Once you know whom you are addressing, it becomes easy and interesting to write.

Lesson 3:

Don’t spend too much in beginning. If you want to do it properly, you must first know how it actually works. Once you get familiar with the process, you may start hiring people to write your blog posts. In addition, you must always cross-check the pattern of blogs remain same, no matter who writes it.

Lesson 4:

Master the basics. You must be familiar with the certain keywords and how to make use of them. Study about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its basics. They will help you stick to business for long term.

Lesson 5:

Stay Organised! Always prepare a checklist for things needed to done. Picking up the new ideas and thoughts is not that easy. You must do few things to take things easy way,

  1. Set Google alerts to your emails, to keep in touch with new activities.
  2. Revisit your old posts, pick few ideas and re-write about them.
  3. Regularly visit blogs and other sources to be updated and inspired to write new.

Lesson 6:

Keep Learning. Try to keep in touch with bloggers having the same niche and understand their ideologies. Read various comments on their posts and go through their old posts, it will only help you get better.

In the end, all you need to remember is we all have those special skills within us. You need to just stick with your idea and success falls your way.

Keep Blogging!

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